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Author: David Carroll, Sales Manager-RCC at Sheridan Brampton and Oakville, ON

In this day and age of web travel, an on-line review can be the difference of a group staying with you or the property down the street.

As we all know, sometimes the reviews may not be accurate, and/or over exaggerated…but regardless, a negative review should have the same priority and positive feedback that a good review would get.

With the big three, Trip Advisor, Expedia and Bookings.com, you must stay on top of them and always respond to each review.  If the review is negative, thank them for it and (if the review is correct) let them know you are constantly working to improve and give your office number to call.  Do the same with a positive review.  Reply, thank and welcome them back next season.  Another good idea is to have your guests write a review for you while they are in house for a contest or similar.  This way you can add to your rating scale on the sites and if something is wrong you can take care of it at the property level right away.

To be as open and honest as well as approachable is the best way to get through the property review process.  Let them know who you are and what you offer, don’t over promise what you may not be able to deliver and always blow them away with customer service. To give you an idea of just how well this can work, our Residence & Conference Centre in Oshawa received last year the Booking.com award for the Highest Overall Customer Satisfaction Rating for 2012.

As Hotel rates are still very competitive with our rates in most demographics, we must add Value above discounts to win the game….and part of that Value is responses to every review you receive.

If you do not have your property registered to these sites, you should.  It can create awareness and business at no extra cost. 

Good luck this summer and here’s to great reviews!!

David Carroll, Sales Manager-RCC at Sheridan Brampton and Oakville, ON
Telephone: 905-815-4150 ext. 77653
Email: dcarroll@stayrcc.com

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