It’s that time of year again…Transition!

It is very exciting to share one of the most unique operating times in a University or College that offers summer guest accommodation.  It is what we call Transition.  What this refers to is the transition from students living in residence during the academic months to the business operation of ‘hotel’ accommodation for individuals, families, and groups over the summer months.  Quite the process!  This planning begins as early as February for a transition process during the first two weeks of May.

Planning involves everyone from Conferences & Accommodation, Residence Managers, Housing Administration, Front Desk and Maintenance to Housekeeping. All working toward the same goal of smoothly transitioning vacating students to the anticipated Annual Grand Opening of Conferences & Accommodation (May 11th for us!).  It is a very exciting time of year with lots of hard work to ensure when rooms are ready for summer guests they are in perfect condition.

2018 summer guest accommodation means transitioning 7 buildings, over 500 rooms and more than 700 beds ready for occupancy.  That translates into deep cleaning and maintenance in not only individual rooms, but all common areas within a building, preparing linens, pillows, towels, and amenities for each room and bed.  Training front desk staff that will be instrumental in excellent customer service for guest reservations, arrivals and stays.  Increasing housekeeping staff ensuring rooms are cleaned and ready for the next arrival throughout the summer.


The coordination with parties involved is critical to the success of our Conferences and Accommodation season and our guests’ comfort.  From year to year we continue to perfect the process by reviewing, improving, and listening to our guests for amazing results.  Just when we’ve finished this remarkable transition, we begin looking forward to our next exciting transition, welcoming new and returning students to residence in early September.